Our Heritage

Monroe Cappel Babcock founded Babcock Poultry Farms and went on to become one of the legendary breeders and poultry entrepreneurs of his generation.


Babcock Poultry Farms founded

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Babcock entered stock in egg laying tests. During that time the Babcock Leghorns became one of the pre-eminent strains of layers in America. These birds set an all-time world record in egg laying tests. They were acknowledged by many as the top laying strain in the U.S. and Canada.

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Babcock Leghorns held the high three-year average at egg laying tests for all pens entered over all breeders of all breeds in the US. 

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According to results published in the U.S.D.A., Babcock beat all competition in IOFACC during this four year streak.

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The 1970’s was a period of rapid growth where the brand expanded outside of North America into Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Babcock continues to be a trusted brand all over the world. 

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