A Great laying hen

A productive and robust layer

The Babcock White is a very productive and robust egg layer. It is known for its adaptability to different climates, including extreme heat or cold, while continuing to producing a high volume of first quality eggs per hen housed. The Babcock White is a balanced combination of high performance, egg quality, and excellent livability. The eggs produced by Babcock White laying hens are large sized with good internal and external egg quality. With its ability to lay a high number of eggs in a number of environments, the Babcock White provides strong performance for egg producers all over the world.

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The Babcock White today

  • High volume of large, first quality eggs
  • Balanced laying hen
  • Exceptional egg production and egg laying persistency in all kind of conditions
  • Excellent livability

Cage systems

Laying period 18-100 weeks
Livability 94 %
Age at 50% production 141 days
Peak of production 96 %
Average egg weight 63. 4 g
Eggs hen housed 480
Egg mass hen housed 30.4 kg
Laying period 18-100 weeks
Average feed intake 112 g/day
Cum feed conversion rate 2.09 kg/kg
Body weight 1752 g
Shell strength 4100 g/cm2
Haugh units 89


Babcock White Parent Stock

We are proud to offer our leading Babcock White laying hens at the parent stock level to distributors all over the world. With the benefit of our world class breeding department, we are dedicated to providing high performance Babcock White parent stock and Babcock White commercial laying hens and saleable day-old chicks.

Parent Stock